Our Staff

TCCC Staff Requirements:

  • CPR & First Aid Certification
  • 15 hours of Continued Education each year
  • SLED Background Check
  • South Carolina Child Abuse Registry Check
  • Health Assessment and TB Test

Interested in Working at TCCC?

We are always looking for talented teachers and staff to join
our team! If you are interested in working with us, please submit an online job application by clicking here, email a copy of your resume to Jwatford@trinityblythewood.com, or stop by to pick up an application in person.
Our Administrators:


Ms. Kat Barrow

Associate Director

Ms. Jami Watford

Our Teachers:

Full-Day Preschool:

Turtles (Infants):  Ms. Tori, Ms. Mary Anne, Ms. Megan, Ms. Nancy
Seahorses (Crawlers):    Ms. Unique & Ms. Khydria
Ladybugs (Younger Ones):    Ms. Kindall, Ms. Sharonda, Ms Haley
Bumblebees (Older Ones): Ms. Lindsey, Ms. Ellen
Monkeys (Twos):    Ms. Lisa, Ms. Kara, Ms. Meganne, Ms. Porchea
Owls (Threes):    Ms. Allie, Ms. Deanna, Ms.Tracey
Lions (Fours):     Ms. Liz, Ms. Staci

Half-Day Preschool:

Dolphine (Three’s):   Ms. Kindall & Ms. Becca
Sharks (Four’s):   Ms. Brandi

After School Care:

 Ms. Trina, Ms. Becca, Ms. Toni, Ms.Bre, Ms. Summer